We established in 1982.
        Within almost 30 years of its existence STENEX ART has produced many beautiful custom made
jewellery products for the most deman-
ding clients. They are in many private collections and muse-
ums all over the world among them: Amber Museum in Gdansk, Art Gallery and Amber Museum owner Mr K. Mizgiris in Vilnius and Nida (Lithuania), museums and collections in Copenhagen (Denmark), Tai Pei (Taiwan), San Francisco (USA).
        Among our clients you may find United Nations (New York, USA) banks (City B.H. Warsaw, Poland)
ministries ( Ministry of Economy), govern-
ment offices (Senate of Republic of Poland) province offices, city offices important for the region.
        Many our music jewellery pieces were given as prizes, gifts or donations for people significant in the world of music.
        STENEX ART in cooperation with International Gdansk Fair has produced as a main sponsor a beautiful silver amber miniature piano for Rafał Blechacz - a winner of international Chopin Competition in Warsaw Poland.
In Las Vegas Fair (USA) our miniature of Maestro electric guitar (silver, amber, mahogany) was presented to ZZ-Top group while visiting our display.
        Our company has sponsored for many years Student Tourist Song Festival (Bazuna). For many years we were honoured the produce the main price: a signal trumpet for bugle call competitors during Dominican Fair in Gdansk.
        In some cases we learn from our clients about important buyers of our products. That was in the case
during Basel Jewellery Fair (Switzerland) where our beautiful white amber double basses were bought for the Royal Spanish Court.
        Some from our indivi-
dual products presenting our abilities are shown in the included photos.