We established in 1982.
        Another focus of our attention which has a constant influence on our offer are the organic inclusions - animal and botanical sunk in chunks of amber.
        STENEX ART for number of years has been significant amber inclusions donor for the most important scientific organizations in Poland.
  • Amber Inclusions Museum of the University of Gdańsk was donated in 2001 945 pieces of Baltic amber. This collection includes: mayflies, termites, cockroaches, true bug, bristletail, caddflies, beetles, hymenopterans, arachnids. Among the flies you may find a very rare hoverfly. There is also to be found a spider web sunk in a piece of amber.
  • The Museum of Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences owns the only known insect described as Worskaito Stenexi which was donated by our company. The Museum collection is also enriched by our composition of silver tulip brooch with white amber + the stand.
  • Museum of Natural History, Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków - Poland in 2000 was presented and then donated amber inclusions shown on international conference on fossil insects. Among the donated pieces there was a polished amber chunk with a rare example of a webspinner. The collection of the Museum of Natural History is also enriched by a set of miniature amber music instruments donated by STENEX and shown as a part of exhibition since 2003.

        At present we offer beautiful, amber inclusions hand set in gold and silver. What might be interesting, selling those inclusions STENEX is able to specify the place where they were found. It is the region of Vistula river estuary and the region close to Sobieszewska Island.